Monday, May 12, 2008

Dahlia is coming home to us!

I think I spent hours looking at dogs on petfinder. I had over 30 of them saved, all possibilities, some more so than others. And in the end, the perfect dog for us was right under my nose. Well, sort of.

Dahlia, of the transport in April, is coming home to us on May 17th.

After reading her description on petfinder, we knew she was just the perfect dog for us.

If ever there were a PERFECT companion dog--Dahlia is it. Which breaks our hearts, cause we pulled her one day before she was to be euthanized--the curse of the BBD (Big Black Dog) syndrome : ( Dallie is 3 yrs old, so at the age of sanity, and only 46 Lbs, so not a BIG big dog (the breed mix has been the guess of several knowledgeable dog people). And what a LOVE!! She lives for love and affection, and while not a velcro dog, is a want-to-be-with-you-cause-that-makes-me-happy kind of dog. NO, none whatsoever, bad behaviors!! None of the Border needs for high exercise nor herding behaviors. Dallie is house trained, leash trained, learning sit, sleeps right next to you, not barky (but will let you know someone is at the house), SWEET and LOVING girl. I fear she might be one of the many foreclosure dogs that are turning up in the shelters these days. She obviously came from a loving home and is of a very endearing nature. Dallie is good with other dogs, fine with cats and kids, and she really wants to be your baby.

After putting in an application, much shifting around and getting set up, we've been approved to adopt her. We're very excited to welcome her home soon!