Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy birthday Teri!

9 years ago my parent's dog Teri was born. Teri's still one of my babies, even though she's really my parent's dog. I helped pick her out. I was there when we first brought her home. I helped train her that first summer they had her before I headed back out to Indiana to school.

Teri, unlike my Dahlia, was bought. I know. Horror of all horrors! I'm sure if my parents could go back they wouldn't do the same thing again. She came from a backyard breeder who bred mutts. Teri was supposedly a Whoodle (a Wheaten terrier/poodle mix) and while I suppose that's possible, she doesn't really resemble one. She's only 20 pounds (both of the parents, who we met, were much bigger than that) and I wonder if the parents we met really were her parents. The BYB was not the worst one out there though. She socialized the pups very well and Teri is a good dog, even if she is a spoiled brat (fault for this lies squarely in my parent's lap!).

So happy birthday Teri! Many dog biscuits to you!


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