Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy "Gotcha Day" Dahlia!

Since we don't know when Dahlia's birthday, instead we celebrate the day we brought her home. It's hard to believe, but we got Dahlia TWO YEARS AGO this evening. Two years? Where does the time go? We decided to celebrate this weekend by making it all about Dahlia. Ok ok, so it's pretty much ALWAYS all about Dahlia. But this was better than usual.

So what has Dahlia learned in the past two years?

1. That it's good to be polite and wait her turn at the porta-potty.d-oxbow1

2. To laugh at our fears of her going too close to the edge of 100-feet drops.oxbow5

3. That Mommy and Daddy require much patience and waiting while out on walks. Humans are SLOW! And take too many pictures of non-Dahlia things!

4. That striking a nice pose gets lots of love.oxbow20

5. That photos of neat, picturesque things are ALWAYS improved by having a dog stand in front of them.

6. That crossing creeks can be fun, even if the water is moving and the rocks slippery.

Video #1

Video #2

7. That ear scritches from Daddy are the best!oxbow42

8. That hamburgers followed by ice cream is the BEST way to end a walk in the park.d-oxbow7

9. That looking for chipmunks is great fun!rr11

10. But that digging for them is even better!rr34


11. That chipmunks are TASTY!rr19

12. That Mommy is, unfortunately, lying and that no chipmunks were harmed in the making of this post.

13. That smelling the air, especially if you smell MORE CHIPMUNKS, is awesome.rr26

14. That digging is seriously the best thing EVER.rr33

15. That swallowing dirt will not kill you, despite what they try to tell you. Go ahead, eat it! Enjoy it!

16. To always present her best side.rr45

17. That a dirty dog is a happy dog.rr48

18. That steak is worth dancing for.

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