Monday, August 30, 2010

Can dogs read?

Yesterday while out on a walk, we came across a sidewalk that was covered in chalk drawings.  "A is for Apple!" one section proclaimed and there next to those words was a lovely drawing of an apple.

I continued to read.

"B is for bug!"
"C is for cat!"

And finally, of course, "D is for dog!"

The drawing of a dog was adorable and I paused in my contemplation.

Dahlia, my ever faithful companion stopped, turned around, and sat right next to that "D is for dog" drawing, proudly grinning in all of her spotted tongue glory.

D is for Dahlia, Mom.

Can she read?  See pictures?  One has to sometimes contemplate how much dogs really do know.  I always say she's at home on the "Dognet" when we're not there to watch over her.  And my partner believes she can pull off her dog paw gloves to reveal her hands below them, complete with opposable thumbs.  So maybe she can read as well!

Hey Mom, you know what else D stands for?  D stands for dog drool!!!

 Or maybe not...


  1. Thanks so much for posting our Never Shock a Puppy badge. We appreciate your support of our campaign.

  2. It's a great campaign! I'm happy to pass the word along any way I can!