Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Agility photos

This weekend was beautiful. Temperatures near 60, sunny. It was the perfect day to take Dahlia out and get some photos of some of her new agility moves. I only have one jump (which I bought from Affordable Agility) and a cheap tunnel (which I got off eBay for a whopping $24!), but that was enough for some good photos.  As the person who has been working with Dahlia in agility class, I ran her through the jumps and tunnels.  Photos were taken by my partner.

The first thing I did was to set Dahlia up in front of the jump. I turned around and saw THIS look. I'm so glad we got a photo of it.  Some people thought this look was disgruntled.  But it's not.  It's her happy excited, something fun is going to happen crooked "Elvis grin."  I often get it when I pull out treats or grab a tug toy to play with.
(The bottom looks kind of weird and crooked because one of the bars of the jump was there.)

Dahlia looks up at me while I get her into position.

We started with the bar fairly low. She had to jump, but it wasn't a huge jump.

She cleared it rather easily.



So then we raised it up quite a bit. As you can see, she cleared THAT rather easily too. Go Dahlia!

Then we pulled out the tunnel. It can extend to 18 feet and bend, but we're not quite ready for it to bend just yet, so we left it out mostly extended and straight.





We went back to the jump for one last try.


And then got this!

Awww Mom I'm tired.

After that, she just basically collapsed into a puddle of Dahlia and we packed up and headed home.

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