Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Snow days!

We have been inundated with snow where I live.  We're generally known for a lot of snow in this part of the country, but the past few days have been crazy.  Dahlia's been loving the snow, at least until today.  It's now taller than her in many places and even where it's not it's often still up to her shoulders.  Allow me to show some photographic proof of the insanity of our snow!

Here's Dahlia on Saturday.  This is the day the snow began to fall.  As you can see, there's not much out there.  You can still see the grass poking through and if you step on the snow, it melts it right away. 
Dahlia says "This is barely snow, Mom.  You shame your people by calling this little bit of white stuff snow."

Ok Dahlia...we can have some snow!  Here she is on Monday.  As you can see, the snow has risen quite a bit and there's no sign of the grass beneath it!
"Ok Mom, this is starting to look like snow!"

Here she is on Tuesday.  Getting higher!
"Mom, I can almost swim in this stuff!  Looking good.  You can turn the snow machine off now!"

Sorry Dahlia.  The snow machine is still churning. Here are some pictures from today.


David put her hat on! She is NOT amused.

Holy *bleep*!  Look at how deep that snow is! 

Dahlia is through. She got so sick of the snow, she laid right down in the middle of the road. She loves the snow but this is too much even for her.  And yes, that is the middle of the road.

One last try with the hat!
"Geez!  Enough with the darned hat!"

Bonus! Hershey picture! Hershey lives across the road (some of you might remember Douglas, Dahlia's "boyfriend" who passed away last year...Hershey is their other dog). Hershey likes to hang out outside while our neighbor shovels.

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