Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dahlia the Drama Queen

Last night we took a very quick walk in the cold. Dahlia kept wanting to cross the road and I kept telling her that it was a bad idea because the road had been pretty clearly heavily salted. But she doesn't seem to listen to me too well (she's testing that "how much English do dogs understand" thing!) and kept insisting. So I let her cross. The way over was ok because she chose a spot that wasn't too heavily salted. But then, after sniffing around over there, she wanted to cross back over.

Here was where we ran into a problem. After taking just a few steps into the middle of the road, Dahlia started limping. I got her to move a few more steps so that we were almost to the side of the road, but then she suddenly stopped. Sat up in a sit pretty in order to hold her two front paws off the ground, and then simply flopped over and onto her back.

In the middle of the road.
Right near a corner.

So I'm trying to clean off her paws when I see a car coming and of course they need to turn up the road we're on. We're right at the corner and she sees us and stops. I get Dahlia up and on her feet and she's hobbling. The woman rolls down her window and asks if she's ok, do we need a ride home or anywhere else? She said she saw the dog laying down in the road and thought the worst: that she had been hit by a car.

Imagine my mortification when I had to tell the woman "Oh no, my dog is just a drama queen over some salt on her paws." I know it must burn, but geez louise my dog is a huge drama queen. I didn't even clean her paws off again when she got over to the side of the road because she was all happy and excited and wanted to go greet the nice woman. She went bounding up to her without a bit of a limp in her gait.

Oh Dahlia. *headdesk* I guess on the good side I don't have to worry about her never showing pain? I mean, she's a drama queen about a little bit of salt. Can you imagine how she'd be if she really hurt?

Friday, January 7, 2011

My dog is a quirky bitch, Part II

I know I've said that before...but the other night she proved what an oddball she is again.

I took her out for her late night pee walk. She got very interested in a cat that ran across the road and up the walkway near someone's house. Usually she ignores them, but not this time. She didn't chase, but she tried to follow it. I stopped her.

The cat just sat there, tail twitching, about 10 feet away from her.

Dahlia just stood there, tail slowing wagging.

I finally said "Go get it!"

And Dahlia rushed forward a few feet and play bowed.

To a cat.

A feral cat.

A cat which then ran away because "OMG SCARY BIG DOG IS RUNNING AT ME!!!!"

Yeah it didn't work so well and Dahlia was pretty clearly bewildered. But then I called her to me and we headed home.

I don't quite get why she rarely play bows to dogs, but has offered them to horses (does she think they're gigantic dogs?) and cats. What a quirky bitch my dog is!.