Friday, January 7, 2011

My dog is a quirky bitch, Part II

I know I've said that before...but the other night she proved what an oddball she is again.

I took her out for her late night pee walk. She got very interested in a cat that ran across the road and up the walkway near someone's house. Usually she ignores them, but not this time. She didn't chase, but she tried to follow it. I stopped her.

The cat just sat there, tail twitching, about 10 feet away from her.

Dahlia just stood there, tail slowing wagging.

I finally said "Go get it!"

And Dahlia rushed forward a few feet and play bowed.

To a cat.

A feral cat.

A cat which then ran away because "OMG SCARY BIG DOG IS RUNNING AT ME!!!!"

Yeah it didn't work so well and Dahlia was pretty clearly bewildered. But then I called her to me and we headed home.

I don't quite get why she rarely play bows to dogs, but has offered them to horses (does she think they're gigantic dogs?) and cats. What a quirky bitch my dog is!.

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