Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look! Sun!!


It seems like it's been forever since we've seen much sun where I live.  The winter is usually bleak, but this one has been harsher than usual.  We've had less sun, more snow, and colder temperatures than I can remember having in a number of years.  It started snowing here on December 4 and except for two brief thaws that gave us approximately two days of some patches of grass, the ground has been covered in snow.  That's nearly three months of constant snow on the ground.  Even for this area of the country, that's unusual.

Well, we've finally seen a bit of sun!  It didn't last long (one day last weekend; one day this weekend), but it's something.  The sun is getting higher in the sky and felt wonderfully warm today.  Here's to hoping for some more sun soon!  *raises can of Diet Coke*  I need the snow to melt before St. Patrick's Day.  See, I bought silly things to put on Dahlia for a photo shoot and somehow it just won't look Irish if the pictures are taken in a foot of snow!


  1. I hear you! We haven't had nearly as much bad weather as you (and everyone else in America/Canada, by the sounds of it), but the cold is just everywhere. The dogs don't get walked as much when it's this cold because they (both) just sulk at me; so I end up with dogs that sleep most of the day and then wake right up at stupid times. Gah. I can't wait for the sun!

  2. I wish I could say Dahlia doesn't get walked as much. She LOVES the cold and snow (though she hates the salt on the roads) and she especially thinks snow is wonderful when it's falling from the sky in great gobs of it. I've been out walking in some pretty nasty blizzards and she has the time of her life. lol