Friday, June 24, 2011

I have a problem

See...once long ago when I first got Dahlia, I thought it would be funny to dress her up as a prisoner for Halloween. Alas, the costume was too big and the hat? Well, she looked like THIS.

bad dog

Basically, she looked horrified. And yet OH SO CUTE with those big eyes. I swore up and down that I wouldn't put anything else on her because she looked so UNDIGNIFIED and clearly thought I was a big fat meanie for doing it.

But then there was this.


Which was a photo that was 100% accidental. There was no intention to put anything on her, but then suddenly the hat was tossed on her and she looked so HAPPY that I snapped a photo. She became Ferocious D and I swore I would find a way to photoshop gold chains onto her. Alas, my photoshop skillz are still somewhat lacking, though a friends are not.

There was also this...graduation from obedience class at Petsmart! How dignified does she look here?


Ok so she might look somewhat horrified there too.

And here...also horrified.


Imma cut you bitch.

So I decided all I was going to do was collars. And a ridiculously silly rubberband thing that a groomer put in her hair.


She was obviously very proud of that look, even if she did look like she had some sort of Christmas mohawk.

Pity da fool!

But then St. Patrick's Day rolled around and I couldn't resist. This time I got hot dogs out and VOILA! Dog with ears up!


Such a dignified old man, she is.

Still, she had her moments of absolute resignation.


I will kill you in your not doubt it...ever...


Mom, frisbees are NOT hats.

And then I went whole hog for Christmas! LOOK AT THAT DOGGEH!!


And one cannot forget the reindeer antlers.


I CHASE deer Mom. I am not ONE of them.

I was at Petsmart one day and I could not resist...DOGGLES. Those had to go on her too!


I dare to be stupid...

And then there was Pirate Dahlia...



So what I'm trying to say is I bought a baseball cap for Dahlia to wear to the Chiefs game next week. Yeah...I have a problem.


  1. At least your problem leads to awesome pictures of Dahlia for us to enjoy!

  2. Thank you! I guess there's a good side to the problem. I'm not so sure what Dahlia thinks of it. Though she does get hot dogs out of the deal so it can't be all bad.

  3. Oh dear, Dahlia is such a stylish girl!

    I can put things on Jess, but she just looks depressed and horrified. Lola just cowers away like I've whipped her or something, so no clothes for the puppy :(

  4. I've found that really yummy food is a good enough reward for her to sit still, look attentive, and let me take some photos. Dahlia really is a relaxed girl and she's gotten more and more confident in the past year. Now she mostly seems content to have something balanced on her head.

  5. Oh Dahlia! She looks so faaaabulous in her garments. Hats suit her. ;)

    A bit off topic, but I just wanted you to know that I've linked you in a post on my blog. Congrats, you've won a Versatile Blogger Award, basically just because I love Dahlia (which means by extension that I love you, in a very non-creepy internet way, because it is in your meaningful, earnest way in sharing her with us that her loveliness shines through, so thank you!).
    You can find your award here, and from there you can click it, save it, display it, or just look at it and think how nice it is that everyone likes you and your dog. ;)