Thursday, August 11, 2011

How I get my photos

One thing I've learned about canine photography is that it's messy.  I get wet and muddy and that's not always because the dogs are excited and jumping on me.  One of the major keys to getting a nice photo of a dog is getting down on their level.  For many people this probably means just squatting down a bit.  For me, it means, well, crawling around in the grass and dirt to get just the right angle.

Take this photo, for instance, of my friend's dog Nellie.


I absolutely adore this photo.  It's crisp, the colors are beautiful, and it really shows off Nellie's lovely face, eyes, and her awesome personality.

So what did I look like while this photo was being taken?  Well, Nellie's owner was nice enough to snap this photo.

M & ridiculous Nellie

So there ya go.  Me crawling around on the (rather wet) grass to get photos of dogs.  I think it was well worth it!

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  1. You always take such gorgeous photos. And I love Nellie!

    There's a blog award up for you at my blog, too.