Tuesday, January 17, 2012


ouchie3Poor Miss Dahlia woke up with a swollen face this past Saturday.  She had one last October. It meant a tooth abscess and surgery.  So off to the vet she went and as it turned out she had a slab fracture of a back tooth which had (you guessed it!) resulted in a tooth abscess.  She also had a strange growth near it, which was likely an epulis (a benign oral tumor).

Monday she had surgery to remove both.  Coupled with that, we opted to finally remove the sebaceous cyst that had been plaguing her for over a year.  It started quite small but recently it's been getting larger and larger and had started to come to a head.  She keeps trying to bite at it, but it's not in a place she can reach.  Since it was irritating her and she was going under anesthesia anyway, we decided to remove it.

I had some sort of idea that there would be a tiny, 3" x 3" patch of shaved hair and a stitch or two.  Silly me had no idea.  Instead, she looks like some sort of poor Frankendog, with a huge patch of shaved hair and 5 stitches on her back.

With her thick fur it's exceptionally noticeable!


So now poor Miss Dahlia has her very own coat to wear outside.  She'll get her stitches out in another week and a half.  So far they don't seem to be bothering her too terribly much as she's leaping up on the couch and recliner with no problem.  It looks far worse than it actually is as the incision was not very deep (sebaceous cysts are right below the skin).  We'll likely even be doing a big agility seminar this Sunday, stitches and all!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A little (untrue) story

Let me tell you a little story...

I was out walking my DINOS and practicing LAT and BAT when I saw this ROAR across the road.  I shouted over to the person with the ROAR to keep that GSP away from my CKCS.  The other owner said OMG WTF.  I told him I was working on LLW and hoping to get a CGC and he told me to STFU.  I kept going, trying to get away from him, C/T every chance I had.  I'm still on a FSR you see.  My CKCS rushed ahead and got an NRM, but came back so more C/T.  The ROAR moved away with the owner muttering something that sounded like AFAIC MDIF.

Anyway I, I know it's kinda been a roundabout way of saying it
But I guess the whole point I'm tryin' to make here is:


And I especially hate all these ones that seem to catch on like wildfire lately.  DINOS (dogs in need of space), ROAR (rover on a retractable [leash]), and MDIF (my dog is friendly) are recent ones I've seen used in blog posts and then everyone latches onto them like they're the best thing since sliced bread.  Frankly, every time I see someone tossing them off all I can think of is "you're trying too hard to be one of the cool kids." And I want to punch them.  Seriously.  (Or maybe not so seriously.)

I'm sure this will make me wildly unpopular (WU?), but it's been bothering me for awhile.  I love clear communication.  Silly acronyms and catchphrases aren't helping people communicate with others clearly.  And it also lumps all dogs into one category.  What is a DINOS anyway?  My dog loves other dogs, but she doesn't like them crawling up into her business or humping her.  She's on a retractable leash but she's not running up to these so-called DINOS (which is the implication behind the acronym) because I don't let her.  And because she needs her space too (OMG a DINOS ROAR???!!  Say it ain't so!).

And please folks, if you insist on using such acronyms, try not to call them DINOS dogs, because all that translates to is "Dogs in need of space dogs."  It's like calling it an ATM machine.