Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day Dahlia!

My gosh, where has the time gone? 4 years ago this evening, David and I drove out to exit 28 on the Thruway and met up with Trish, the woman who had Dahlia. She came to us a pretty shut down, pretty chill dog and has gained so much in confidence in joy in the past 4 years. I've REALLY begun to see a change in just the past year and it's wonderful to be with her. We'll be celebrating by going to an agility trial and having a ton of fun this weekend.

And now for what Dahlia learned this year...

What I learned this year
by Dahlia F. Beast

1. That I can reach for the sky...or hot dogs...if I just try hard enough.

2. That a good roll in the grass after visiting the groomers helps to get rid of that nasty "perfume smell."

3. That kitty friends are awesome friends.

4. That tug is more fun with friends!
Tugging with friends!

5. That Mommy totally puts up with my chair stealing ways, even if I spit my tongue out at her.

6. That I can do awesome dead kangaroo impressions.

7. That it's ok if Mommy dresses me in ridiculous things, as long as there are hot dogs involved.
Dare to be stupid!

8. That EVERYTHING is a pause table.
All benches are pause tables

9. That I'm a superstar agility champion. Ok...maybe not...but it's nice having one ribbon!

10. That agility is really really fun.

11. That I am just too cute for words.

12. That they don't call me "Ferocious D" for nothin'!

13. That while I cannot catch treats, it sure is fun to try.

14. That my future is so bright, I have to wear shades.

15. That hamburgers off the grill are (almost) worth waiting for.

16. That being kicked off Mommy's chair is like the WORST THING EVAR.

17. That running makes me CRAZY.
160. 4/8 "Easter"

18. That I really CAN long as I have my jetpack on.

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  1. This is a lovely photographic tribute to Dahlia's gotcha day. She's very lucky to be got by you. :)