Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!

Now as anyone who reads this blog knows, I do not have a pit bull.  I have a 50 pound fluffy mutt of unknown origin.  But both Dahlia and I love pit bulls.

Some of her best friends over the years have been pit bulls and she plays well with them.  Here are a few of her favourite pit bull friends.

Jackson is a Pit Bull/Great Dane mix.  We first met him on walks around our local pond.  He and Dahlia have taught he each other so much.  She's taught him that chase is a fun game and he's taught her to not worry so much when another dog leaps on her.




Last year we got to meet the wonderful Nellie.  Nellie is an amazing three-legged pit bull mix who is just the goofiest, silliest, bravest dog I know (seriously...she went up against a wild pig and lived!).


Nellie was a great tugging friend!
Tugging with friends! 


Nellie even got to meet Jackson this year and they had great fun!  quarry11 

This year we got to meet the gorgeous Molly and went on vacation with her, her person, and their other dog.  Molly is an amazingly muscular and fun dog to be around.


Glen Highland Farm
(Photo by Danielle)

So Happy Pit Bull Awareness Day!  I hope everyone who has a Pit Bull or Pit mix had a wonderful day with their dogs!

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