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autumn22I met Dahlia in April of 2008 on transport from Ohio to Vermont.  I'm not much of a believer in "fate" but it almost seems like it was exactly that.  I had been signed up for two other transports when I received an e-mail looking for help getting a dog named Dahlia, a BBD (big black dog) from a shelter in Ohio where she was going to be put down to a rescue in Vermont.  I always had a soft spot for black dogs, having grown up with one (black dogs are almost a family tradition around here!), and was sad to pass it up.  But I had to.  I already had other commitments and those dogs deserved help too.

Then one transport got canceled (the dog was adopted!).

Then the other one had to change days (someone else stepped in to take my spot since I could no longer do it).

And suddenly I was freed up.  No one had taken the leg I was able to do and so I stepped in to help this BBD get to safety.

I still remember the moment they opened the back of the SUV I met at an exit off the Thruway.  As this adorable fuzzy black dog leaned over and gave me a kiss, I said "Oh I would adopt her if I could!"

autumn49And then I couldn't get her out of my mind.  I spent the next week thinking "Well...could we?"  It was too early for us to adopt a dog (we were moving, but not just yet!).  Despite that, when she was put up on Petfinder the following week, I immediately put in a request for an application.  We jumped through a series of crazy hoops, including renting my partner's ex's house (she was living across the country at the time) and trying to move from one place to another while living in yet a third place.  But we made it.  And it May of 2008 we drove an hour and a half away and met up with Dahlia's foster Mom to bring her home to us.

I think it was the best decision of our lives.

Since then this amazing dog has passed multiple basic obedience classes and obtained her CGC in April 2009.  She continues to go out into public and charm the pants (and food) off everyone she meets.

dahliaakc1-smallIn 2010 we began training in agility, despite the fact that my dog was not what you would call a "typical agility dog."  Most people I know started agility because their dog was crazy high energy and needed some sort of outlet.  I started it with Miss Mellow, just because I thought it might be kind of fun for us.  As it turned out we both love it.  The words "doggy class" cause Dahlia to start prancing around the apartment with a big grin on her face.  And I've become quite the addict (much to David's chagrin!).

Dahlia's confidence and willingness to try things has increased so much since we began agility.

In November 2011 we began going to CPE (Canine Performance Events, Inc.) trials. On November 3, 2012 Dahlia achieved her CTL1 (Level 1 Enthusiast title) with a brilliant Snooker run.  It's now onto Level 2 for us!

Besides agility, Dahlia loves hiking in the woods, snuggling (especially with her Daddy), playing tug (with her Mommy; Daddy doesn't know how to play tug properly), stalking and chasing geese, having her photo taken (this dog poses, I swear!) and stealing butter.

Crazy tugging Dahlia would like to welcome you to the blog!
Please stick around awhile and let us know you were here!

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