I can hear you already...why is her photography business called The Spotted Tongue? 

Well, the spotted tongue in question belonged to my beloved first dog, Dahlia, the inspiration behind my getting interested in photography. We brought her home in the spring of 2008, this wonderful amazing butter-stealing creature who we're still not 100% sure was a dog. We're pretty sure she was an alien who was on earth just to find out how we treat our dogs (we hope we did ok!).

She was all black. And well, you know how the story goes...all black dog = black blob in photos. I wanted to do better by her and by us. I wanted to capture all those wonderful memories. 

And so my photographic journey began with a fancy super-zoom "DSLR-like" camera. I got my first DSLR in 2011 and it was all over for me. My interest in photography took off like my dog after the UPS truck.

I've spent several years working on my craft, and developing a vision for my photography and for what you, as a client, can expect from me. I seek to capture your dog's personality, to preserve that spark in a photo that will always make you look at it and think "Yes! THAT is my dog!" Are they joyous and always on the move? Are they sweet and serene? Dogs have as many personalities and as many quirks as humans do, and this is what my goal in photography is.

Who is your dog?
What do they mean to you?

Let me capture those moments so you can have them for all time.