FastCAT Event Pricing
Single Large photo - $15
Large photos (5-pack) - $60
Large photos (10-pack) - $90
Large photos (all) - $125 – one dog only
Single Small photo - $10
Small photos (5-pack) - $35
Small photos (10-pack) - $65
Small photos (all) - $90 – one dog only
If you ran multiple dogs and want to purchase all photos of more than one dog, please reach out to me at [email protected] for a coupon code before you purchase.
Small: $30 off second dog
Large: $50 off second dog
More discounts for dogs beyond 2
Post-processed photos
Share your picks to the photographer or contact me at [email protected] with the dog name and the photos you want post-processed.
I will then post-process your photo picks and upload them into a new gallery.
Post-processed high resolution photos:
Single: $20
5-pack: $75
SOTC FastCAT May: Dog Names A to ESOTC FastCAT May: Dog Names F to KSOTC FastCAT May: Dog Names L to RSOTC FastCAT May: Dog Names S to ZSOTC FastCAT May: Post-processed photos