You have questions? I have answers...well...some answers at least! 

What if it rains or snows? This is Syracuse, Michelle! We're not known for good weather!

You're right. This is Syracuse. I'll let you in on a little secret: I adore shooting in the rain and snow. However, I know not everyone wants photos of their dogs soaking wet or with rain in the air or want to stand outside in the 20 degree temps trying to get poses. I also know not every dog enjoys the rain or the snow.

Here is my guarantee: We're going to get the images you want. If you love rainy day photos, we can do that! If you'd rather have the soft light of an overcast day or the bright morning "golden hour" sun? We can do that. If you're game for anything, we can do that! I'm here for you and your images. If the weather turns out to not be quite what you hoped, we can do one of two things:

(1) Do a short shoot shoot at the appointed time to capture some rainy or snowy photos and then reschedule the rest of the shoot.

(2) Reschedule the entire shoot and stay out of the bad weather!

If you have specific weather needs (and that's perfectly fine!), please be aware that it may mean we need to reschedule more than once. As long as you're good with that, I am too!


My dog can't be off leash. Can you still get photos of him/her?

Absolutely 100% YES! The vast majority of dogs I photograph cannot be off leash except in safe, fenced-in spaces. There are techniques we can employ (e.g. types of leashes, collars, etc.) to make sure the leash can be removed in post-processing. After you book your session, we'll discuss your dog's (or dogs') needs and make sure both you and your dog(s) are set up for success!


My dog doesn't know sit/down/stay/stand on his head (ok, none of my dogs know that either) and/or my dog is an unruly puppy/monster. Will you be able to get photos of him/her?

I'll let you in on a little secret here. Are you ready? Most dogs don't. And even dogs that do know basic obedience can find it difficult to sit in new places, with new people around, and with a photographer laying on the ground. Dogs don't generalize well (that's why Fluffy may sit fine in your living room but can't manage it at the park!). 

But here's another little secret: All it takes is a second. No...actually...all it takes is 1/800 to 1/2000 of a second, the speed of the shutter on my camera, to grab that moment. As both a dog lover and photographer, I can see the moment coming and can capture that split second that your dog looks like he has all the obedience titles in the world.

Don't believe me? This is a slide show of rescue dogs. These dogs were all on leash, handled by someone who didn't really know them. Some had literally been dropped off at the rescue a half hour before I showed up to photograph them. I can guarantee that not one of these dogs were as well-trained as they look here! 


I'm worried that my dog will [insert issue here]...

Jump on the photographer, lick their camera lens, run around like a crazy dog, bark at the photographer the whole time? Whatever you're worried about, let's talk about it. I can guarantee that I've seen it all and I'm prepared for it! Let me put your mind at ease about your dog's possible antics.

And let me let you in on another secret: I love dogs. Period. I love the naughty ones, I love the stoic ones. I love the ones who just want to run around and roll in the mud and snow. This shoot is all about your dog and your dog's personality. If she's noble and dignified, we'll photograph that. If he's always on the go and a little bit zany? We'll get that too! I want you to look at your pictures later and say "Yes, that's my dog!" I appreciate the zany dog that goes at 90mph as much as I appreciate the calm, dignified poser.


I don't want photos of my myself/my dog(s) on your website after our photo session. Is that okay? 

Absolutely! While I love showing off the photos of your fabulous dogs, if you don't want them to appear on my website or in any marketing, you and I will sign an agreement. No questions asked! Any photos will never be shown on the website or on social media. 


I'm interested in getting portraits of my dog(s). What is the process to get signed up?

Step 1: Head on over to the investment page to see what sessions I have to offer! Sessions range from $150 to $600 and include a number of digital photos with the option of buying professionally printed and framed artwork. If you're looking for more than what is on there (e.g. you would like me to meet you at a site some distance away or would like to go on a walk in the woods to several favorite spots, etc.), please feel free to reach out with special requests...we can discuss the cost of such endeavors if they're possible!). 

Step 2: Contact me! Tell me a little about yourself and your dog(s) and what session you're looking at. 

Step 3: I will send you a form to fill out with more information on your dog (including such things as stress/anxiety triggers, allergies, activity level, etc.). This is not any sort of "gotcha!" This is to make sure we keep your dog comfortable and happy while shooting. For instance, one of my dogs absolutely cannot be taken to anywhere there's a gun range nearby. He is terrified of fireworks and gunshots, so I know there are certain locations (like the Erie Canal in Camillus and the Camillus Unique Area) that I cannot go to with him. 

Step 4: We will work out a date and time as well as where we're going to do the shoot.

Step 5: Photographs! This is the fun part! I get to meet you. I get to meet your dog. And I get to do what I love!

Step 6: Now it's all on me. I will go home and put the final touches on your photos. For those who have purchased the Toy, Mini, and Standard sessions, you will get an online gallery of photos to choose from. For those who have purchased the Giant session, you will receive a fully edited gallery to download. All sessions will receive a link where you can purchase other digital photos (for those who have the Toy, Mini, and Standard sessions) and artwork.

Step 7: ENJOY!