You have questions? I have answers...well...some answers at least! 

My dog cannot be off leash. Can you still get photos of him/her?

Absolutely 100% YES! The vast majority of dogs I photograph cannot be off leash except in safe, fenced-in spaces. There are techniques we can employ to make sure the leash can be removed in post-processing. These involve:

1. The use of a show lead (very thin leash that loops around the dog's head) if you do not want a collar in the picture.
2. Using a collar with no tags on it. Consider your collar when opting to keep it in the photo. Is it old? Worn out? Buy a fresh, simple collar, or pick one that is full of bling that you love!
3. Holding the leash at the back of the dog's head and either straight out to the side or straight up. (I'll show you how!)
4. The owner/handler stepping to the side to leave space between their body and the dog's (I can clone you out too if needed!)
5. Long lines for more movement oriented shots (e.g. running down a wooded path, fetching a ball, etc.).

It may be also good to note that even if your dog is good off leash, it can be easier to control their location if you simply work with your dog on leash. 


My dog doesn't know sit/down/stay/stand on his head (ok, none of my dogs know that either) and/or my dog is an unruly puppy/monster. Will you be able to get photos of him/her?

I'll let you in on a little secret here. Are you ready? Most dogs don't. And even dogs that do know basic obedience can find it difficult to sit in new places, with new people around, and with a photographer laying on the ground. Dogs don't generalize well (that's why Fluffy may sit fine in your living room but can't manage it at the park!). 

But here's another little secret: All it takes is a second. No...actually...all it takes is 1/800 to 1/2000 of a second, the speed of the shutter on my camera, to grab that moment. As both a dog lover (and trainer!) and photographer, I can see the moment coming and can capture that split second that your dog looks like he has all the obedience titles in the world.

Don't believe me? This is a slide show of rescue dogs. These dogs were all on leash, handled by someone who didn't really know them. Some had literally been dropped off at the rescue a half hour before I showed up to photograph them. I can guarantee that not one of these dogs were as well-trained as they look here! 


I don't want photos of my myself/my dog(s) on your website after our photo session. Is that okay? 

Absolutely! While I love showing off the photos of your fabulous dogs, if you don't want them to appear on my website or in any marketing, you and I will sign an agreement. No questions asked! Any photos will never be shown on the website or on social media.



I'm interested in getting portraits of my dog(s). What is the process to get signed up?

Coming soon...